6. Table Summary

Suppose you wish to find out how many albums in total you have in stock, and what is their total price. This information is provided by table summary. (The table from chapter 4 will be used for demonstration purposes– you can find it in file Examples\Chapter 04.s-d.)
Display the summary by clicking the button located to the right of the table header. After you click the button, the sum and average values of all numeric columns are displayed at the bottom of the table:
The summary includes only rows satisfying the applied filter. This helps you to get a partial summary. Another option is to select required rows (using the Shift+· and · keys). If some rows are selected, an additional blue summary appears, which contains the sum and average values of the selected rows only:
The summary can also contain statistics other than sum and average. The context menu contains a list of all available summary statistics. If you check them, the respective values of these statistics appear as well.

Further Information

The following chapters of the Reference Guide contain detailed information on the discussed topics:
Table Data and Presentation Appearance – explanation of row selection techniques.