11. Table Columns Display

While you have been adding information into the table, the number of columns has grown so that now they hardly fit on the screen. Sfairadora therefore provides several ways of controlling the display of columns.
The first option is to set column width manually. Grab the boundary between columns in the table header with the mouse, and drag it to the desired position. Whereas normally the column width is automatically adjusted to the width of the column contents (the column width is equal to the longest value in the column), the above technique sets a fixed column width. This is indicated by a tiny square mark on the boundary between columns in the header . If you wish to release the column width so that it starts changing according to the length of its contents again, simply double-click the boundary between columns in the header.
The behavior of Sfairadora windows is similar: their size is adjusted according to the size of their contents. If you set a different size with the mouse, the window maintains this size from then on. This condition is indicated by marks in the bottom right corner of the window . If you wish to release the size again, simply double-click the border of the window. The same applies to the split bar dividing panes in a window. Double-clicking the window title releases all sizes, and the window is repositioned so that all of it is visible.

Hiding Columns

Some columns may contain information that is not necessary in a given situation, and can therefore be hidden.. If you hide a column, it is not deleted from the data or view – it is just not displayed. The list of all table columns is available in the context menu (displayed by right-clicking the table). Columns that are currently displayed have a check mark in the context menu. You can switch between the displayed and hidden condition by clicking the respective column name. If you wish to switch multiple columns at once, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking so that the context menu does not close immediately after every click.

The Details Column

All tables created automatically by Sfairadora contain a final column named Details. If the column is displayed, you will see a button on every row that opens a window showing all values of that table row. This is particularly useful if some columns are hidden – you can easily display complete information about the record by clicking this button. Changes made in this window are immediately applied to the table row.

Change the Order of Columns

You can change the position of a column by grabbing its header with the mouse and dragging it elsewhere.

Further Information

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