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This section describes the window used to search for data in a document. The window is invoked by the Edit|Find menu command or by the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut. The search of the next occurrence is invoked by the Edit|Find Next menu command or by the F3 key.
Look for
The value to be searched for. Its type depends on the Type item.
Scope of data to be searched:
in document
the entire document is searched.
in table
if a data table is active, only the table is searched.
in text
if a text or line editor is active, only its contents are searched.
Type of the data that should be searched for:
search only for a numeric item.
search for a string. If you enter a number, numeric items are also searched.
search only for a time item (Time).
search only for a date item (Date).
date and time
search only for a datetime item (Date_time).
The operation that should be performed on the data item and the entered value. For example, if you select “= equal”, only those data items are found, whose content is equal to the entered value. The “contains string” option is in general useful for strings – the first occurrence of the string is found in the searched text.
The options listed under operation depend on the Type item.
Case sensitive
For strings: the search is case sensitive.
Whole word
For a string combined with operations “has string at beginning”, “contains string”, or “has string at end”: the substring searched for must end on word boundaries.
Name of the built-in tool: find_tool