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Import from Excel

This tool allows you to import a part of an Excel spreadsheet table and save the acquired data to a table in a Sfairadora document. You must have Excel installed on your computer in order to be able to use the tool. The tool is opened by the Tools|Export and Import|Import from Excel menu command.
The easiest way of importing data is to enter the name of the Excel source file into the Source document field, highlight the required data range in Excel, press the Use range selected in Excel button, and execute the import by clicking the Import data from Excel button.
Source document
Enter the name of the Excel file containing the required table (a file with the .xls extension). The button with the three dots opens a window to browse for the file. When you select a file, Excel is launched, and the file is opened in it.
Name of the sheet in the opened file, from which data should be imported.
Cell range
Range of the cells from which data should be imported. The range is specified as upper-left-cell:lower-right-cell (e.g. A1:C6).
You can also specify entire columns – e.g. A:Z refers to all columns from A to Z.
If the range is larger than the area of the sheet that is really being used, the tool automatically reduces the range; consequently, it is fine to include all columns for import because only non-empty columns are selected.
Table has header
If the box is ticked, the first row of the specified range contains column names instead of data. Consequently, the first row is used to initialize the column names of the target table.
Table name
Name of the target table that will contain the imported data. The table is created in the Data section of the document for which the tool has been opened. If a table with the same name already exists, it is replaced. However, you will be asked for confirmation first.
Go to Excel
Activates Excel.
Use range selected in Excel
Fills out the Source document, Sheet, and Cell range fields according to the cell range selected in Excel.
Close Excel document
Closes the document specified in the Source document field. You should use this button to close the open Excel document when you are finished with the import.
Table preview
Shows individual columns identified in the input data according to the specified parameters. You can change the automatically derived parameters one by one. This applies to the column name, its type, and its inclusion in/exclusion from the import.
Import data from Excel
Import is executed by clicking this button.