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Separated Values Text Import

This tool allows you to import a table from a text file (.txt extension). The tool assumes that one line of the text file corresponds to one row of the target table. Values for individual columns are separated by a specified separator (e.g. by the tab character). The tool allows you to specify detailed properties of the target table. A new table containing the imported data is always created in the Data section of the target document. You can then copy the data from this table to other destinations or edit the table.
The tool is opened by the Tools|Export and Import|Separated Values Text Import menu command.
File name
Name of the file containing the data you wish to import. The button with the three dots opens a window to browse for the file.
Skipped lines
Number of lines at the beginning of the file that should be skipped.
Input sample
An informative field displaying the first few lines of the input file.
Separator of column values in the input file.
Convert header
If the box is checked, then the first line of the input file is expected to contain column names instead of actual data. These names are used to initialize the column names of the target table.
Table name
Name of the target table that will contain the imported data. The table is created in the Data section of the document for which the tool has been opened. If a table with the same name already exists, it is replaced. However, you will be asked for confirmation first.
Table preview
Shows individual columns identified in the input data according to the specified parameters. You can change the automatically derived parameters one by one. This applies to the column name, its type, and its inclusion in/exclusion from the import.
Import Data from File
Import is executed by clicking this button.