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Separated Values Text Export

This tool allows you to save the contents of a table into a plain text file (.txt extension). Every line of the text file corresponds to one row of the table. Values from individual columns are separated by a specified character (typically the tab character). Columns that have a more complicated structure (such as a nested table) are first converted to strings using a standard type conversion and then they are represented by a single item in the result as well. The tool is opened by the Tools|Export and Import|Separated Values Text Export menu command.
Use active table
The tool exports the table that was active when the tool was opened. If no table was active, you can activate it afterwards. If there is no active table, export cannot be performed.
Select table manually
The table is selected manually using the Object name of table and Data reference of table fields.
Active row/Selected rows
The tool exports only the contents of the active row or of the selected rows if there are some selected rows.
All rows
The tool exports the entire table.
Object name of table
If the Select table manually option is selected, you can specify here the name of the object in which the table is located. Typically you will need to select the master identifier referencing the document affected by the tool (i.e. the document that was active when the tool was activated).
If the Use active table option is selected, information about the used table is displayed.
Data reference of table
Reference to a table within the specified Object name of table.
Table columns
If a table is correctly selected, a list of the table columns is displayed. You can select columns for export using the check boxes. All columns are selected by default.
Export header
If the box is checked, the first line of the output will contain column names.
Field separator
Separator of fields (columns) in the output. You can select a separator from the droplist or type any other character.
File name
Name of the file where the exported output will be saved. The button with the three dots opens a window for the file name selection.
Export Table to File
Export is executed by clicking this button.