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Table Summary

You can display summary information for the entire table. The summary is displayed by clicking the button located to the right of the table header. The actual summary is located underneath the table. By default, the sum and average values of all numeric columns are displayed. In addition to these two, you can select and display other summary statistics in the Summary section of the context menu, which lists all summary statistics that can be displayed by the table. By clicking the required item in the list you can display (or hide if it was displayed before) the respective summary statistic. If you wish to switch multiple items at once, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking to prevent the context menu from closing. You can also use the spacebar on your keyboard to switch the items without closing the menu.
If the table summary is displayed and some rows are selected, an additional summary related only to the selected rows appears. This allows you, for example, to easily calculate the sum of only some rows, etc. By default, the summary of selected rows is displayed in blue color for contrast. You can change this color using the marked rows summary setting under the Display styles section in the Text formatting styles window.
In the table definition, you can create new summary statistics or create, for some columns, an exception from the already defined statistics, which will assign a different calculation method to the particular value type for the given column.