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Table Manipulation

The tool bar is available only when a data table is active.
New Column…
Displays a window for adding a new column to the table.
Column Properties…
Displays or hides a window with column properties.
Delete Column…
Displays a window for deleting a column from the table.
Group by Column
Groups the table by the active column or by selected columns.
Ungroup Sequence
Ungroups a subordinate table. An inverse operation to Group by Column command.
Join Table…
Displays a window for joining tables.
This operation is similar to the Cartesian product or to the JOIN operation known from relational databases.
Reset View
Removes changes in the table view. The view includes: row filters, table order, elimination of duplicate rows, grouping, ungrouping, or addition of computed columns.
Save View…
Saves the current table view into the View document section. A dialog for assigning a name to the view appears before saving. The named and stored view is continually updated in accordance with the changes in the source table.
Save Instant State…
Saves the instant state of the table view as a new table into the Data document section. Only the resulting values are stored, therefore the table created will be independent of the changes of the source table values or view.
Create Output Template…
Creates a text output template based on the current table view. The actual text output is available in the Outputs document section. A dialog for assigning a name to the view appears before saving. The text output changes in accordance with the changes in the source table. Changes of the source table view do not affect it.
Create Output Text…
Creates output text based on the instant state of the table view. The resulting text may be either saved to the Data document section or a new text document may be created. A dialog appears before saving the text, in which the user can specify where the text should be stored and, if applicable, also its name. The created text is independent of changes in the data or in the source table view.
Note: The output text can be also created by simply copying the entire table or several selected rows into a rich text editor.
Reset Presentation
Modifications made to the presentation are canceled and the original automatically created presentation is restored. Data and view are preserved.
Edit Presentation
Opens the dispel definition editor to edit the existing presentation.
Save Presentation
Saves the presentation into the Presentation document section. The presentation can be opened later in a separate window using the Presentation menu.