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Table Columns

Table columns are defined by means of a table in which every row corresponds to one column of the defined table. Only the most important attributes can be seen in the table. All attributes are displayed when you click the Details button.
Data reference (Reference of column data)
Reference of the table row element representing column data. The reference is relative to the table row. The purpose of the reference is twofold: first, it identifies the data provided through the cell_data symbol to the column cell dispels; second, it determines the value by which the table is ordered if the user orders the table by the given column.
Definition of the column header appearance.
Column header text.
Alignment of the column header text if the column is wider than the text. The options are: left, center, and right.
If checked, the entire text of the column header is always displayed. The column width is stretched so that the entire text is visible. If unchecked, the column width depends only on the width of the cells, so the column header text can be trimmed, and its end is replaced by ellipsis if the column width is insufficient.
The actual definition of the column contents.
Specifies the kind of data that will be (should be) displayed in the column. The column type determines whether the column can be ordered, which operations are available for the column filter, or that the column is of a special type.
The following options are available:
the most simple column setting. The column cannot be used for ordering, and available filter is limited to equal and not equal.
the table can be ordered by the column, and filter options include also the comparison of values.
column values are strings. Same as the ordered column, plus the filter options also include tests for a substring.
column values are arrays.
column values are subordinate sequences/tables.
column group
the column has no own data; it only serves as a common header for other subordinate columns. In this case the Cell field contains, instead of a cell dispel definition, another table for the definition of columns that will be displayed as sub-columns of this column.
Dispel editor determining the presentation of column cells. If the column type is column group, this field contains a table of subordinate columns definitions instead.
Determines the horizontal alignment of cell contents. The options are: left, center, right, and auto. Auto determines alignment according to the column data type: numbers are aligned to the right while all other values to the left.
If a line editor is present in the column, its alignment is also set. If you leave the auto option in place, the alignment is inherited from the column setting; otherwise the editor setting overrides the column setting, and the column setting is ignored.
This button displays a window containing all attributes of the column definition. The window is in principle identical to the column properties window explained in the table control section.