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Window Button

Window button is a simplified version of the disp-folder. It is a button that opens a window. The window can serve either as a mere combination of logically related dispels or as a structure editor. In the latter case, you can specify data reference of the edited structure and instruct the window to edit a copy of the data that is not saved until the window is closed. The window can be then closed also by the Esc key canceling all changes. You can also specify a validator function ensuring that the entered data is correct.


The title displayed on the button.
Text style
Style of the title text. You can choose between basic and heading 1 to 5. Heading 1 is displayed with the biggest font while heading 5 with the smallest.
The basic style corresponds to the Display – button display style, and the headings correspond to the Display – heading X styles.
Window title
Title of the window opened by pressing the button.
Button icon
Icon displayed on the button to the left of the title. The icon is defined in the icon editor.
The spaces left between the button frame and the title.
Unfolding button
If checked, an unfolding button is displayed to the left of the button opening a window; the unfolding button unfolds the window contents so that it replaces the button.
Keep button when unfolded
If checked, the disp-folder contents replace its button when unfolded. Otherwise, the contents are displayed beneath the button.


If no data object is to be attached to the window, the following settings need not be specified.
Object name
Name of the object where the data is located, that should be attached to the disp-folder. You can select one of the objects provided by parent dispels.
Data reference
Reference to data within the above identified object.
Object name of data for child
The name used to provide the data attached to the disp-folder to the dispels in the unfolded and external display.
Direct data editing
If a data item is attached to the disp-folder by the above settings, and this option is unchecked, the window will edit only a copy of the data. The data will not be saved into the respective data item until the window is closed. Moreover, if the user closes the window by the Esc key, all changes made in the copy will be canceled, and the data item will not be changed.
If this option is checked, the data is edited directly.
Function validating the correctness of data entered by the user. Detailed explanation can be found in the Functionality subsection of the section dealing with general properties of the disp folder.


Editor used to specify the window contents. If a data reference identifying the data item to be edited is specified in the Functionality subsection, then all editors in the window should reference data using the identifier specified in the Object name of data for child option.