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Tree Editor

Tree editor is a simplified version of the disp-folder. It allows you to define a list as a hierarchical tree such as the one in the left pane of the Reference Guide (in combination with a header provider, you can divide a window into two panes, where one pane contains the content tree and the other displays the a particular item – see the Value Setting Function paragraph in the section dealing with general properties of the disp folder). You can also insert other dispels, such as line editors, into the lowest level of your hierarchy.
If you select the Tree editor option in the disp-folder definition object editor, you can first determine, by means of the provided buttons, whether an inner node or a leaf node hierarchy will be used. Inner node contains a list of sub-nodes whereas leaf node allows you to specify a child – the dispel displayed at the lowest level of the hierarchy. In contrast to the inner node, leaf node has no unfolding button.


Title of the hierarchy node.
Text style
Style of the title text. You can choose between basic and heading 1 to 5. Heading 1 is displayed with the biggest font while heading 5 with the smallest.
The basic style corresponds to the Display – button display style, and the headings correspond to the Display – heading X styles.
Icon displayed by the title. The icon is entered using the icon editor.


Double click opens window
If checked, a double click on the title opens the subordinate branch of the hierarchy in a separate window.
This option is available only for inner nodes.
Setting value when activated
Object name
Name of the object containing the data item that should be assigned a value when the disp-folder is activated/pressed. The action setting the value is specified below by the Set value option. You can select one of the objects provided by parent dispels.
Data reference
Reference to data within the above identified object.
The value that should be set. After you select its type, an editor appears, in which you can specify the value.
Set value
Determines when the above specified value is set:
on activation, delayed
the value is set after the disp-folder activation. However, there is a short delay before the value is set. If, during this delay, the user activates another disp-folder assigning a value to the same item, the value is not set. This option is appropriate, if the setting of the value invokes an action that takes a longer time so that the action is performed only if the respective disp-folder is active for a certain time. If the user only runs through a list of disp-folders, the value is not set.
on activation, immediate
the value is set immediately on activation.
when pressed
the value is set when the disp-folder is pressed, but not when it is activated e.g. by the arrow keys. The disp-folder behavior is then similar to that of a radio button.

List of sub-nodes

You can specify a list of sub-nodes for an inner node. New nodes are inserted by clicking on the new node item. The same settings as described above have to be specified for every sub-node thus created. The list of sub-nodes is specified by a sequence editor, therefore the sub-nodes can be copied, moved, etc. as needed.


For inner nodes, you can specify a dispel (child) displayed by the node.