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This menu is available only when a formatted string or text is being edited (see the line editor and rich text editor). All items in this menu open or close a window that is used to edit the properties of objects that occur in the text. These windows are not “modal dialogs”, that must be closed before you can continue working with the text. On the contrary, you can leave the applicable window open while you continue editing the text, and you will always see there the properties of the particular part of the text that you are currently editing. If the relevant object (e.g. a table or a picture) is not being edited, its format window appears empty, and only its title is preserved. The contents of the window reappear as soon as the cursor moves over the applicable object.
Menu Item
Character Format
Displays or hides the character format window (font type, font size, italics, bold, etc.).
Paragraph Format
Displays or hides the paragraph format window (paragraph alignment, line spacing, tab stops, frames, etc.).
Table Format
Displays or hides the table format window (text alignment in the table, cell size and frames, etc.).
You can insert a table by the Insert Table to Text command from the Insert menu or by the tool bar command of the same name.
Picture Format
Displays or hides the picture format window.
You can insert a picture by the Insert Picture… command from the Insert menu.