• Reference Guide

Information on Installation

Normally, the Sfairadora application is installed to the folder Program Files\Sfairadora. The information related to the installation is stored in the registry under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Diotima\Sfairadora.
At the first running Sfairadora under a user account, local settings for the user are created. The information related to the user is stored in the registry under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Diotima\Sfairadora. At the same time, a folder structure for Sfairadora documents is created in the Documents folder of the user. This folder is named %USERPROFILE%\Sfairadora. The content of the folder is initialized by copying form the folder Init_user located in the folder where the application installed is (Program Files\Sfairadora\Init_user). By modifying the content of the Init_user folder, the initial environment for the new users can be customized.
In addition to it, a folder Sfairadora\Config (%USERPROFILE%\Data aplikací\Sfairadora\Config) is created in the user profile, in which the configuration file sfairadora.cfg is created. In the configuration file, the state of the application and the contents of the system document is stored, so that it can be restored when the application is run again. If a file named sfairadora.cfg is contained in the Init_user folder, it is used as a user’s initial configuration file.
Information about the folders currently used to store standard components can be found in the system document in the structure system.info.folders. This structure is displayed in the system information window.