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Occasionally, it is needed to write a note in the template, mostly to explain a complicated construct. A comment serves this purpose. The text of a comment is intended to be read by a human, the Enkidu language compiler ignores it altogether. Any text included within the command scope is considered a comment, even though it is not marked as a command. Only the comment marks must be marked as a command.
There are two sorts of comments in Enkidu:
♦ Two slashes // mark all the text until the end of the paragraph as a comment.
♦ A comment started with symbols /* which is explicitly terminated with */.


If a comment is started inside an Enki language expression, it is understood as an Enki language comment, not an Enkidu comment. An important consequence follows that the comment must be terminated within the same expression. A comment started with two slashes cannot be used within an Enki expression embedded in Enkidu at all, as the expression contains no end-of-line.