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skip_iprefix(str, n, pfx)
The str parameter is of the String or Text type. The n parameter is a variable of the Int type containing a position within the string str. The function returns TRUE, if there is the pfx string on the position n in the string str. Otherwise, it returns FALSE. The strings are compared case-insensitive. For case sensitive comparison, use the skip_prefix function. If the function returns TRUE, it updates the value of the variable n so that it points right after the compared string (in other words: it skips the tested string). (So, the skip_iprefix function works slightly differently from other skip_… functions).
The functions whose name begins with skip_… serve to analyze a string. The best way to use them is to create a variable containing an index (pointer) of the current position within the string. This variable is passed to the appropriate skip­_… function as the parameter determining the place, where to search the string from.

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