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shell_execute(file, pgm_params)
shell_execute(file, pgm_params, folder)
Runs a program determined by the file parameter. The calling of the shell_execute function has the same effect as if the command were issued on the command line, or as if the user double-clicked the file in the Windows Explorer. The file parameter can contain a name of a program (exe-file), a document name – then it is open in the associated application, or a URL – then the internet browser is open. If a program name is specified, parameters of the program can be specified using the function’s parameter pgm_params. The folder in which the program is to be executed can be specified by the parameter folder. If the folder is not specified, the program is run in the context of the folder where the active document is stored. When the active document is not stored in a file, the standard document folder is used.
The program executed is run in parallel to Sfairadora, therefore, the shell_execute function returns immediately after the program is started. The function does not wait for the program termination.

Return Value

The function returns the value NONE. If an error occurs, an Error value is returned.

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