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var_bmp <- set_palette(pal)
The var_bmp parameter is an l-value referring to a variable of the type Bitmap. The function sets the image palette to the parameter pal. The palette defines the relation between the pixel value and the color displayed. The pal parameter is a color sequence (the type Seq(Color)). The size of the palette must not exceed the maximum number of color determined by the bits per pixel (1 bit – 2 colors, 2 bits – 4 colors, 4 bits ­– 16 colors, 8 bits – 256 colors). If the palette specified is not of the full size, only the initial segment of the palette is changed.
The return value is an l-value referring to the modified variable.
If the bitmap is monochrome or has more than 8 bits per pixel, an error is returned.

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