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var_err <- set_data_ref(ref)
var_err <- set_data_ref(ref, x, y)
The function adds information about data item to that the error is related. When the error is displayed to the user, the user can easily display the data item and correct the error.
The var_err parameter is an l-value referring to a variable or data item containing an error value. The function modifies the error value by adding the reference to the data.
The ref parameter (the type Dref) specifies the reference to the data. A value of the type Dref can be, for instance, created using the typecast operator from a string value.
If the reference identifies a data item of the type Text or Rich_text, it is possible to specify the parameters x and y (the type Int), which determine the row and the column (in the case of a Text) of the paragraph index and the character index within the paragraph (in the case of a Rich_text). All the indexes are numbered from 0. If a negative value is specified, 0 is assumed instead.
The return value is an l-value referring to the modified variable/data item.

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