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remove(str, pos, n)
var_str <- remove(pos, n)
The first variant removes n characters form the string str1 at the position pos. The altered string is returned as the result; the parameter str itself remains unchanged. The latter variant removes n characters form the variable (or data item) var_str at the position pos (i.e. it changes the content of var_str). If a negative position or a position beyond the end of the string is specified, an error is returned. If there are less remaining characters than n, all the characters are removed up to the end.


A value of the type Binary, String, Text, or Rich_string
L-value of the types Binary, String, Text, Rich_string, or Rich_text
Position from which the characters are to be removed. Type Int. The value 0 denotes the beginning of the string.
Number of characters to be remove. Type Int.

Return Value

The first variant returns a string of the same type as the parameter str.
The latter variant returns an l-value denoting var_str.

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