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var_bmp <- draw_arc(x, y, rx, ry, angle1, angle2, outline)
The var_bmp parameter is an l-value referring to a variable of the type Bitmap. The function draws an arc to the bitmap.


An l-value of the type Bitmap to which the function draws.
x, y
The coordinates of the center of the ellipse the part which the arc is.
rx, ry
The lengths of the horizontal and vertical half-axis.
The angle at that the arc starts. The value is specified in radians (a value can be converted from degrees to radians with the deg operator, e.g. 90 deg). The angle 0 is the top of the ellipse; the angle runs clockwise.
The angle at that the arc stops.
The line style of the arc.

Return Value

The return value is an l-value referring to the modified bitmap.