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String Concatenation with Separator

var_str #<sep>= str
The parameter var_str is a variable or a data item of the type String or Text. The parameters sep and str are strings (type String). The operator appends the value of str to the end of the value of var_str. If the value of var_str is a non-empty string which does not contain the sep string at its end, and also the string str is non-empty, the operator inserts the sep string between original value of var_str and the appended string str as a separator. (That is, the separator is not inserted at the beginning, before an empty string and in the case, when it is already present). The result is stored back to the var_str variable.
The result is an l-value referring to the variable being assigned.
The operator is an abbreviation for x = x #<sep> value.
list #<", ">= name

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