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The function is designed to be used within a definition of the window content displayed by the functions ask or edit. It is typically used in a button intended for closing the window. The close_window function closes the window, while function that has opened it (ask or edit) returns the value specified by the parameter value as its result. If the parameter value is not specified, the respective function (ask or edit returns the value NONE.
The variant without a parameter can be also used to close other windows, for instance a window opened by a disp-folder. In that case, the changes made in the edited data are preserved and stored, as if the window were closed by the keys Ctrl+Enter.

Return Value

At success, the function returns the value NONE. If the function is not called from within a window, or the function variant with a parameter is invoked from within another window than a window opened with the functions ask or edit, an error is returned.

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