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Definition Types

As has been explained, some of the types are considered basic, rather than compound. It is, however, matter of perspective, which data types are considered basic. Some data types are better treated as scalar (basic) in one respect, while as compound in another. For this reason, the concept of definition type has been introduced. A definition type is a compound type that corresponds to a certain scalar type. For example, the compound type Time_def, with the components hours, minutes and seconds, corresponds to the scalar type Time. A convention is held that a definition type has the same name as the corresponding scalar type with the suffix _def added. There are conversions defined in the both directions between a definition type and the corresponding scalar type. Therefore, the both types are largely interchangeable.
Furthermore, definition types for individual dispels (controls) are also created, although dispels are otherwise not considered data objects. Hence, classes of dispels, instead of scalar types, correspond to these definition types