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Computed Item

The value of a computed item is calculated from the values of other data. This requires an expression (getter function) in the Enki language or a template in the Enkidu language. You can also create a computed item whose value may be modified by the user. Such a modification is performed by changing the data determining computed item’s value. To achieve this, you have to specify a setter function. If no setter function is specified, the value of the computed item can be modified only indirectly by changes made to the source data. The setter function has one parameter named val, by which the required value is passed to the function.
If the expression contains references to the src, parent, or parent_src objects, you can provide analytic type supplement info used to further identify these objects.
The this object name need not be explicitly used in a computed item. Consequently, it is sufficient to write just a+b instead of this.a+this.b. This convention facilitates the specification of expressions for computed table columns.