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Type Categories

As explained above, data types are either scalar or compound. Compound types are further categorized according to the way in which they are composed from scalar types. Types can be therefore classified into several categories:
Scalar type.
Type composed of several components. Every component is identified by a name. Components may be of different types.
Type composed of a fixed number of elements of the same type.
List of a variable number of elements of the same type.
Union of several (or all) types. Its instance is an instance of any type constituting the union.
Analytic Types
An object component whose value is always equal to the value of another designated component.
An object component whose value is computed from the values of other components.
A sequence whose elements are determined by ordering, filtering, joining, and applying other operations to elements from other sequences in the object.
A type that has been assigned a name and can be used by referencing through this name.