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Document is the main organization unit of Sfairadora. One document corresponds to one file on your hard drive.
The document main window is displayed after a new document is created. All information stored in the document is displayed in a well-arranged fashion in the main window. The main window is divided into the left and right pane. The left pane contains a list of document components divided into several sections. If you make active an item on the left (by a mouse click or by the arrow keys), the contents of the respective document component are displayed in the right pane. If you double-click an item in the left pane, the respective component is opened in a separate window. This feature allows you to simultaneously display several document components.
In addition to the document main window you can also create your own presentations, which allow you to adjust the presentation of the document information to your specific needs. A custom presentation can be opened in a separate window, which can be assigned an attribute indicating that this window replaces the document main window (called principal window).
When you close a document, its current layout is stored – the arrangement of windows, cursor position, etc. When reopened, the document layout is restored to the appearance that was in place upon last closing of the document. Sfairadora also regularly autosaves the document so that unexpected interruption (power outage etc.) does not result in loss of data. Autosave is not directed to the file you specified for saving, but to special files located in the Documents:Sfairadora\Autosave folder. The contents of the file that you assigned to the document is changed only when you explicitly save the document, for example by the File|Save menu command. When you launch the application, all autosaved documents are automatically reopened.
In addition to this basic document type, there are other document instances intended for specific purposes. They are explained in the Document Types chapter.