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Tool Set

Sometimes you will need to create a tool available to all documents – tools created in the Tools document section are available only to the document in which they have been created. Examples of such tools are the built-in tools such as the Calculator or Export and Import tools. You can also create tools available to all documents in the system document, however, it is more convenient to store them separately in a specific document of the tool set type – first, because the load put on the system document is smaller and second, because it facilitates transfer of the tools between Sfairadora installations as well as their backup.

Using a Tool Set

A tool set is a specific document type containing the definition of one or more tools in the Tools sections just like standard documents. Tool sets are stored in a specific folder (by default Documents:Sfairadora\Tool Sets – the actual path can be ascertained from the system information window). All created tool sets are available in the Tools menu. This menu contains a submenu for every tool set listing all the tools defined in that set. If a tool set contains only one tool, no submenu is created, and the tool is displayed at the top level. When you select a tool from the menu, the respective tool set document is opened in the background and its only visible window contains the required tool. If you select another tool from the same tool set from the menu without closing the first tool window, the tool set document is not opened a second time, but another tool window from the open tool set pops up. The tool window is displayed until you close it. Operations performed by the tool always affect the data of the active control in the currently active document (standard behavior of tools).

Creating a Tool Set

A tool set is created by switching the document type to tool set. This is done in the Settings section using the Document type listbox. If the document has already been saved to disk, it is automatically moved to the tool set folder. The standard extension of a tool set file is .s‑d‑tset.
Further you can specify the Name of master document data item in the Settings section, that contains the object name used by the tool controls to reference data of the active document affected by the tool. If the item is not specified, the master identifier is used as the name of the active document. The document object name references, like in other situations, the data of the parent tool set. Consequently, if the tool is to point to a table called table in the Data section of the currently active document, the Enki language expression should be master.data.table and dispel definitions (e.g. a table) should use Object name = master and Data reference = data.table. The tool window will then display the contents of the table with the specified name located in the currently active document.