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System Document

There is only one instance of the system document. It is always open. Data and settings stored in the system document are available to the entire Sfairadora system. Contents of the system document are stored in the configuration file. It is automatically loaded when Sfairadora is launched and saved upon exit. It is also regularly autosaved to prevent accidental loss of data.
The main system document window is invoked from the Presentation|System Document Window menu. The main system document window looks just like the main window of a standard document, however, there are certain differences in some sections, which are explained further on.
Data stored in the system document is available from any document through the system Object name. That is, if the system document contains a data item called counter, you can point to it in the Enki language by typing system.data.counter. If you need to access the item from a presentation (e.g. from a line editor), set: Object name = system, Data reference = data.counter. The same applies to the View and Outputs sections. Items in the Presentation section are available to all documents through the Presentation|All Documents menu. Similarly, items in the Tools section are available to all documents through the Tools|All Documents menu. Likewise, functions, types, constants, etc., defined in the Definitions section, are available to all documents.
However, if you have some unique data, it is more appropriate to store it in a single document created for that purpose. Tools that should be available to all documents are better stored in a separate document of the tool set type.
Contents of the Settings and Information sections are different from standard documents.