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Single Document

Sometimes you need to keep records whose character implies that they can meaningfully exist only in one instance (an address book, for example – you want to have all contacts in one place instead of keeping several address books). To that end, Sfairadora allows you to define a document as a single document. Single documents are stored in a specific folder (by default it is Documents:Sfairadora\Single – the actual path can be ascertained from the system information window). All single documents are readily available in the File|Single menu. In other aspects, single documents are not different from standard documents.
You can switch a document to single in the Settings section using the Document type listbox. If the document has already been saved to disk, it is automatically moved to the single documents folder. The standard extension of a single document file is .s‑d‑single.
Built-in single documents are delivered with Sfairadora installation.