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Presentation Definition Document Section

Individual items in the Presentation def section correspond to items in the Presentation section. Items in the Presentation def section are used to modify the properties of presentations available in the Presentation section.
When you select an item from the Presentation def section, the following information about the presentation appears in the right pane of the document main window:
The name under which the presentation is stored in the document. The name must be an identifier.
Window title
If you open the presentation in a separate window, this text is used as title. If displayed in the right pane of the document main window, the text is displayed in the pane header.
Closing window closes document
If the box is checked, the presentation must be always open –if you close it, the entire document is closed. A window with this attribute is called the document principal window. Normally only the document main window has this attribute; you can switch it off in the Settings section and consequently replace the standard document main window with your own presentation. If you perform this replacement and save the document, the window with this attribute is displayed when you open the document next time. You can assign this attribute to multiple windows (presentations) in the document. Consequently, if you close any of them, the entire document is closed.
Window state
The following items reflect the current state of the window if the presentation is opened in a window. Changes of the window state (e.g. its relocation or resizing) by the mouse are mirrored by these values and vice versa – changes of these values immediately relocate or resize the window. If the window is not displayed, the values indicate how it will be displayed when opened.
Displayed in window
If the presentation is displayed in a window (i.e. by double-clicking the respective item), this box is checked. Vice versa, the presentation window is invoked when you check the box.
Window position
Current position of the presentation window. If no value is present, Sfairadora determines the optimal position itself.
Window size
Current size of the presentation window. If no value is present, the window is in the dynamic mode adjusting the window size according to its contents. Entering a value is equivalent to fixing the window size with the mouse. See also the explanation of the window size management.
Minimized window position
Position of the window when minimized.
Edit presentation
This button opens the dispel definition editor to edit the actual appearance of the presentation. The process of creating presentations by means of the R-D/C model is explained in the R-D/C Presentation Model chapter.