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Information Document Section

The Information section allows you to provide some general information about the document. At present this information has little further use. These items are used, for example, in RTF format to characterize a document. They may be used in future versions of Sfairadora for searching and categorizing documents. The meaning of the items is clear from their labels. The same information is available in the Settings|Document Info menu.

Creator Serial Number and Home Serial Number

These two items identify the relationship between the document and a particular installation of Sfairadora.
Creator serial no.
When you create a document, the serial number of the installation in which the document is being created is inserted here. This value cannot be modified.
Home serial no.
This information is used when a function is to be executed upon opening or saving the document. (These functions can be specified in the Settings section). If the home serial number differs from the serial number of the installation in which the document is being opened, Sfairadora asks whether you really wish to execute the function. You can enable or disable the execution or always enable it. In the last case the home serial number is set equal to the serial number of the current installation so that the prompt does not appear upon next opening.
The purpose of this mechanism is to prevent execution of potentially harmful code originating from another computer. No restrictions are applied to documents originating from the computer where the document is being opened.