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This subsection contains a list of definitions of functions, which can be used throughout the document in Enki language expressions and in Enkidu language templates. A table is displayed for this subsection in the right pane of the document main window, where every row corresponds to one defined function. Every function must be assigned a name (must be an identifier) and the actual definition of the function. The function editor (explained in a separate chapter) is used to define the function. It is recommended that the names are specified in lower case. If the name contains more than one word, underscore is recommended instead of spaces (spaces are forbidden) – for example number_of_customers.
For quick testing of the function definded or for quick evaluation of any other expression, the field located beneath of the list of defined functions can be used. The Execute button evalueates the expression written in the field. The result of the expression is displayed under the field. If it is necessary, the result can be discarded by the red cross button on the right.