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A constant is a named value of a particular type. Constants can be used throughout the document in Enki language expressions and in Enkidu language templates. The use of a named constant is equivalent to direct use of the respective value. However, constants are more convenient because first, they are more transparent and second, they allow you to change the value in a single place and have this change applied to all places where the constant is used.
For example, you can define a VAT constant and set it to 0.19. Then you type price * VAT instead of price * 0.19. This is more transparent because first, the purpose of the multiplication is clear and second, even if this multiplication is used in many places, you only need to modify one place if VAT rate changes.
In contrast to other applications, Sfairadora constants are not necessarily simple types, but they can be compound types as well; consequently you can define, for example, a MY_ADDRESS constant as {"John", "Newman", "22 High Street", 98101, "Seattle"}.
A table is displayed for this subsection in the right pane of the document main window, where every row corresponds to one constant. Every constant must be assigned a name (must be an identifier), type, and value. It is recommended that the names are specified in upper case in order to distinguish constants from variables; for variables, lower case is recommended.