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Icon Editor

In order to define an icon, you will first need to specify its dimensions in pixels. Then you have to specify one or two pictures constituting the icon. The second (alternative) picture is displayed if the icon is on a button, in a table header, etc. and the control under the icon is pressed by mouse. If you specify only one picture, the icon does not change when you press the button.
The picture can be specified in two ways: either as a bitmap or from file. If you select the bitmap option, an image editor is displayed, and you can insert the required picture there. (Again, as with the image editor, you can not edit the bitmap here, you can only paste it or read it from a file). If you select the from file option, you will have to enter the name of the file containing the icon (a file with .ico extension). If you select a picture whose dimensions differ from the icon dimensions defined above, the size of the picture is adjusted to the defined dimensions when displayed (i.e. the selected picture is enlarged or reduced). A preview of the picture is displayed under the picture properties.
If the icon editor is being used to modify an optional data item, a button with a red cross is displayed to the right of the dimension fields allowing you to remove the icon.
If the editor is currently modifying a missing data item, then it contains only the Create icon button.