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Dispel Definition Editor

The dispel definition editor is used to edit presentation definitions (mainly in the Presentation def and Tools document sections). This section explains only the general properties of the editor. Properties of individual controls (dispels) that can be specified by the editor are explained in the chapter on the R-D/C presentation model. The structure of the data types that represent dispel definitions is explained in chapter Dispel Definition Types.
The dispel definition editor is a window consisting of two panes. The left pane displays dispels arranged into a tree corresponding to the hierarchy of the defined presentation. When you select a dispel, its properties are displayed in the right pane. New subordinate items can be created for some dispels (e.g. group) using the new item option. Nonetheless, items can always be added in the right pane, too. The possibility to copy, move, and delete (by the Delete key) items in the left pane may be useful as well.

Inserting and Removing Intermediate Dispels

The functionality that allows you to insert and remove intermediate dispels is important for the modification of presentation hierarchical structure. This functionality is available in the context menu of individual items in the left pane. The Insert intermediate dispel command allows you to insert a new dispel between the selected dispel and its parent dispel so that the new dispel becomes a new parent to the selected dispel (the selected dispel becomes its child). In the Insert intermediate dispel menu you can select from a list of all dispel classes that have children.
This may be useful, for example, if a group contains a line editor to which you wish to add a label. In this situation you should select the Insert intermediate dispel|Label command from the context menu of the respective item.
If a dispel has exactly one child, you can remove it by the Remove intermediate dispel command from the context menu. The child of the selected dispel becomes a direct descendant of the parent of the selected dispel. The selected dispel is removed.