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The Contacts document is used to store people’s names, phone numbers, addresses, and other information. It is opened by the File|Single|Contacts menu command.
The main window displayed after opening contains three buttons used to open different windows of the document: the Contacts button, which opens a window with actual data; the Categories button, which allows you to display and edit categories in which the data is organized; and the Settings button.


The Contacts window contains actual data stored in the document. The data is stored in a table so that you can process it using any operation permitted by the table control. Initially only the most important columns are displayed in the table. You can use the context menu to display or hide the columns or click the Details button in the last column to display all information on a particular contact. You can order data by a selected column by clicking the column header or define a filter after clicking the button in the upper right corner of the table.
Click the New Contact button located underneath the table to add a new contact. This button opens a window containing the same attributes as the window opened by the Details button. You can select a category for most of the attributes. The lists of all available categories for individual attributes can be edited in the Categories window.


This section allows you to edit the categories of attributes used to organize the entries. Usually there is just a list of names; only the Contacts type can be defined on two levels – a list of subcategories can be defined for every top-level category. The Description column is used to enter any note related to the category; for example, you can specify instructions for the inclusion of entries into different categories.


The Settings button opens a window defining the order in which the first name, last name, and titles are displayed.