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Information about “brush”, that is about the style of filling a closed area when using drawing functions.
The filling color. If the color is not specified (the constant NONE is used) the drawing object is not filled (the filling is transparent).
If this component is specified, it represents a matrix of 8×8 elements that determines the filling pattern. Every bit corresponds to one element of the matrix. The bits are drawn left to right beginning with the most significant bit, and from the top to bottom beginning with the byte at the index 0.
Bits with the value 0 are drawn with the color determined by the component color, bits with the value 1 are drawn with the color par_color.
If the array is not specified, only solid color determined by the component color is drawn.
The color of bits with value 1, if the array pattern is specified. If it is not, the value is not used.
Note: The drawing function accept the type Brush_union instead of Brush as their parameter. The type Brush_union allows specifying a solid color directly and using more than two-color filling pattern.